Journal of Comments and Replications in Economics (JCRE)

The Journal of Comments and Replications in Economics (JCRE) is the successor to the International Journal for Re-views in Empirical Economics (IREE). It aims to become the leading journal in economics for research papers that directly refer to previously published articles, thus promoting scholarly discourse.

The JCRE extends its predecessor, IREE, by publishing commentaries on previously published papers in addition to the replications available in IREE. Since most economics journals are reluctant to publish these commentaries, the JCRE hereby fills a gap in the scholarly discourse. In addition to replication studies from empirical economic research, regardless of their outcome, authors can thus publish commentaries at JCRE whose publication at the journal of the original annotated article was previously rejected.

JCRE is peer-reviewed and articles are freely available in Open Access. There are no fees for authors.