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Conference on Reproducibility and Replicability in Economics and the Social Sciences: Disciplinary support: why is reproducibility not uniformly required across disciplines?

31. January 2023

Why do learned societies decide (or not) to implement data (and code) availability policies? What influences the level of enforcement, and the choice of “enforcer” (data editor, administrative staff, referees)? What are reasons NOT to require data sharing or code sharing?

Listing, linking, networking – ORCIDs, GNDs and more (Open Science Coffee Lectures)

8. February 2023

You want to make your research and your academic profile more visible online? Maybe you have a very common or complicated name, that can lead to mix-ups on the web? Unique IDs for “author identification management” can help! We discuss the various purposes and aims as well as the most important differences between ORCIDs, GNDs, ResearcherID and Google Scholar Citation Profiles.

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