The Lens

The Lens is an open platform for the mapping of innovations and useful information on them. In particular, this platform lists almost all patent information in the world as openly accessible, annotatable data that are integrated with academic and technical references as well as with regulatory data and economic data. In the future The Lens aims to make it possible to use document collections, aggregations and analyses jointly, to comment and to embed, in order to achieve open mapping of the world of knowledge-driven innovation. You can also search according to publication in The Lens, and when searching for Open Access publications there is a helpful filter according to Open Access colours and licences.

Data sources: PubMed, Crossref, uspto (United States Patent and Trademark Office), ORCID, European Patent Office, OpenCitations, DOAJWorldCat, PMC, Unpaywall, GRID, WIPO, COREIP Australia.