Data Repositories and Data Portals

There are both subject-specific and generic data repositories. In addition, data portals enable you to search for research data across several repositories.

Subject-specific data repositories

  • SowiDataNet|datorium – research data repository for social sciences and economics.
  • OpenICPSR – share and find social, behavioural and health-scientific research data.

Further subject-specific data repositories or disciplinary data centres can be found below:

  • Re3Data is a searchable directory of all the main research data repositories in all scientific disciplines.
  • Repository Finder helps to identify research data repositories that support the principles of FAIR data.
  • RIsources enables German repositories to be found.
  • can be used as a reference guide, to identify databases or repositories, among other things.

Video tipp: Research Data Management: Six ways to discover existing data

by the Utrecht University.


Subject-specific portals for open research data

  • KonsortSWD – data search in the research data centres for social sciences and economics data.
  • The Economics Network – lists sources of free-of-charge economics data.

Generic repositories

  • Zenodo is a free-of-charge, cross-disciplinary repository that is primarily used for scientific datasets but also for further research materials. It was initiated by CERN and the European Commission.
  • Open Science Framework (OSF) is both a free-of-charge network for research material as well as an open source project management tool that supports researchers in every phase of their project. In OSF you can search for papers, data and other research material.
  • Figshare is a commercial multimedia repository with DOI-allocation, in which illustrations, datasets, photos and videos can be shared, for example.

General portals and search machines for open research data

  • DataCite search portal is an international search machine for research results in which a search for registered datasets is possible.
  • European Union Open Data Portal – Open Data portal of the European Union
  • Research Data Australia – Australia’s open research data portal
  • Google Dataset Search (commercial) offers search possibilities for research data.
  • gesisDataSearch – search for data on social sciences and economics research in data repositories and metadata services.
  • OpenAIRE is an international search machine for research results.
  • Zanran is a search machine for data with which you can search for graphics and tables that are embedded in documents.
  • Mendeley Data (commercial) offers the possibility to search in a collection of data repositories.
  • Data Portals is a comprehensive list of Open Data portals from all over the world.
  • Open Data Impact Map is a public database from organisations worldwide that use Open Government Data.
  • Data Commons is a Google project which aggregates data from various sources in a unified database.

Portals with Open Government Data