Individual Benefits of Open Data

If you publish your research data, you can profit from various advantages:

  • Higher citation rates: Text publications for which data is made available are cited more frequently, because they are read more often and perceived as being more reputable. What’s more, the data can be cited themselves, owing to the fact that they have been independently published. In this respect, there is also scientific recognition through citations. This means that a single publication can lead to more citations, thanks to Open Data.
  • Important recognition for your research career: If you practice Open Data, you improve the traceability and visibility of your research. This makes it easier for you to receive important recognition for your research career.
  • New cooperation opportunities: The higher level of attention that your research receives can also lead to new opportunities for collaborations.
  • New research ideas and less time investment: If you reuse existing data, this can inspire you to make different analyses or a meta-analysis. You also save time because you don’t have to compile the data yourself anymore.
  • More security: If you have published data, this means greater security in case it is required at a later date. You are then sure of being able to provide them. What’s more, the data already have a comprehensive and understandable data structure owing to the fact that you have shared them previously. This can also be useful for you later, because on the one hand you can prevent your own replication crisis. Quite a few researchers have had problems in the past in trying to reproduce their own research results. On the other hand, it makes it easier for assessors, editors and other researchers to understand your research. It therefore becomes easier both to present your research work and to publish it.

Opening up and sharing research data is therefore worth it, because data are not only valuable for your own research. Those who share their research data with others are supporting the research community. But it’s not only “the others” who profit from dealing with data in an open way.

Why share archaeology data? Benefits for data sharing/ Journal of Open Archaeology Data (JOAD)/ Published by Ubiquity Press CC By 3.0


Tip: The 5 star model for Open Data by Tim Berners-Lee presents the costs and benefits for every star/grade of the openness of data.