How the Use of Research Data can be Influenced

You can influence the way in which your research data are used, among other things, by where and how you publish them and what licences you use. For example, the use of comprehensive, subject-specific metadata and storage in an appropriate specialist repository can increase use within your specialist community. Furthermore, you can also take further measures to make it even easier to find your research data. These include publication in a data journal or the use of social media. You can also restrict or make easier the reusability of your data by using licences. Generally, the FAIR principles offer good orientation regarding fundamental aspects that make using research data easier or that can block using it.

You can find out more information on licences for research data in our post “What you should bear in mind in the publication and licencing of Open Data”.


Worksheet 9 “Talk about research data”  from the worksheet series of the Open Science Magazine of the ZBW.