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Konferenzen, Seminare, Webinare, Online-Panels und mehr: An dieser Stelle finden Sie relevante Veranstaltungen aus den Bereichen Open Science und den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Sie sind Selbst Event-Organisator und möchten Ihre Veranstaltung in den Kalender aufnehmen lassen? Gerne, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

3rd Wikidata Workshop: Workshop for the scientific Wikidata community

Datum: 24. Oktober 2022
Ort: Online Event

“The Wikidata Workshop 2022 focuses on the challenges and opportunities of working on a collaborative open-domain knowledge graph such as Wikidata, which is edited by an international and multilingual community. We encourage submissions that observe the influence such a knowledge graph has on the web of data, as well as those working on improving this knowledge graph itself.”

5th Oxford | Berlin Summer School on Open and Responsible Research in the Life Sciences 2022

Datum: 23. November 2022
Ort: Berlin

“The five-day summer school will consist of a series of lectures that cover the following topics: Biases in research – Reproducibility – Best practices for sharing publications, data, and code – Meta-research – Ethical conduct of research with a focus on ethics of animal research: The lectures will be complemented by a series of interactive workshops, which participants can choose from based on their needs (e.g. introduction to R and Python, reproducible workflows, version control in Git and Github, data management, and preregistration, 3R principles).”


Datum: 23. Dezember 2022
Ort: München

“Bei der Veranstaltung „Forschungs-Dating“ steht die Vernetzung der nordrhein-westfälischen FDM-Community im Vordergrund. Die Veranstaltung bietet die Gelegenheit, alte und neue Kolleg:innen aus dem FDM-Kontext zu treffen, ins Gespräch zu kommen und vielleicht sogar die ein oder andere Kooperationsmöglichkeit zu entdecken. Im Speed-Dating lernen sich die Teilnehmenden kennen und tauschen sich miteinander und mit der Landesinitiative zu ihrer Arbeit an FDM-Thementischen aus.”

Open Science in South Asia, OSSAN Conference 2022

Datum: 23. Januar 2023
Ort: Bern

“Open Science is in its infancy in South Asia. The digital, technological and knowledge divides, existing between and within South Asian countries, are of considerable magnitude. Adoption of open science practices holds a significant promise of progress for the STI ecosystem of this region. But with the promise of a better ecosystem come humongous challenges as well. Developing policies for open science, investing in open science infrastructure, transforming scientific culture and incentivisation and investing in capacity building are some of the essential and primary requirements. To initiate a broader discussion and awareness, we are organising the conference on Open Science. TOPICS: Democratisation of Science – Citizen science – Traditional knowledge on the open platform – Open archives – Open science infrastructure – Responsible Research Assessment – Open Access, Open research data, Open Source – Open Science in Social sciences and humanities – Open Science frameworks and policies.”

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