OER Tools by Area of Application

A lot of tools support the creation of OER.

Versatile tools for OER:

  • H5P: The content creation tool allows you to design interactive elements and exercises for online educational materials via the browser.
  • LiaScript: Even with little or no programming knowledge, LiaScript can be used to create interactive open and interoperable educational content.
  • Glitch: The code editor and open remix platform can be used, for example, to create interactive exercises for which web applications are reused.

Tools for open textbooks from textbook platforms:

  • In addition to CC-licensed books in its directory, PressBooks also offers the WordPress-based Pressbooks Authoring Platform, a publishing software that makes it easy to create interactive e-books and other text-based content.
  • MERLOT offers templates for creating websites, for example for online courses, with the Content Builder.
  • OER Commons offers an extensive OER collection with Open Author as well as the possibility to create OER yourself. It also includes an Accessibility Checker, which ensures that the resources created are accessible to people with disabilities.
  • On WikiBooks you can not only access wiki-based open textbooks, but also create them.

Other tools suitable for OER, especially open textbooks:

  • Jupyter Notebook: Creating Open Educational Resources with Jupyter Notebook is particularly useful if they are to contain programming code or visualisations.
  • GitBook: GitBook is particularly useful if you are familiar with GitHub and want to use its functionalities, such as versioning and collaboration, to create open textbooks.
  • Bookdown: You can use the open source package especially well for creating open teaching materials if you are familiar with R and Markdown.

Image editing tools:

Tools for editing audio files:

  • Audacity: With the open-source audio software, you can record and edit audio files.

Video editing software:

Tools for collaborative writing:

  • Etherpads for collaborative writing, for example usable via yopad.eu.
  • CryptPad offers an open-source collaboration suite that includes, among other things, a free programme for creating texts or presentations.
  • HedgeDoc (formerly CodiMD MD https://hackmd.okfn.de/) also follows the Etherpad principle, but is a Markdown editor, which enables more functionalities. For example, you can easily insert pictures, convert documents into a presentation or virtually publish them as a website. HedgeDoc is open source, web-based and self-hosted.
  • Hypothes.is (noch zusätzlich unter “Schreiben” bei den Tools einsortieren): Hypothes.is opens up new possibilities for collaboration, for example between students and lecturers.