Sources for Images Under Free Licence

There is a variety of online places where you can search for free photos for use in Open Educational Resources (OER). Important: Make sure that these images are really open and free to use.

Focusing on photos, graphics and other illustrations that are under free licences in the sense of OER are:

Images and icons, some of which are available under free image licences:

  • Pixabay contains images, but also videos and audio files that are licensed under a special Pixabay licence.
  • Pexels contains images that are licensed under a special Pexels licence.
  • Public Domain Pictures also contains paid images.
  • Europeana is Europe’s largest online collection on art, culture, science and education. It cooperates with thousands of European archives, libraries and museums. Among the more than 50 million digitised objects are photographs.
  • Google Images allows you to find images with licence information using its search settings.
  •, Tabler icons, flaticon, Iconstore and Iconmonstr contain free icons, but not exclusively – be sure to check the licence.

Tip: The licence reference generator from Wikimedia Germany makes it very easy to add the correct licence text to images used from Wikipedia.

Tip: Find out about specific licences at Pixabay & Co.