Open Economics Guide now Available in English: Support for Your Open Science Practice

The Open Economics Guide is also available in English now! Information and tools for successfully practicing Open Science, step-by-step instructions and relevant news from research are thus available for the first time to non-German speaking researchers in Germany. In this way, Open Science in business studies and economics can be experienced directly and be successfully reused by even more researchers.

From now on, the Open Economics Guide is also available in English and thus offers even better support for non-German-speaking economics researchers. All parts of the Open Economics Guide (find out more about the guide) – including the quick guides to Open Science topics, the knowledge databases and the tool library – are now available in English. Thus, the ZBW offers a platform that makes Open Science in business studies and economics tangible and at the same time provides concrete assistance for the transfer into one’s own research practice in English and German. The blog with its topics around current developments in Open Science, with the presentation and demonstration of new tools and services, practical checklists for getting started with individual Open Science topics and with lots of practical tips is now up and running in two languages!

In terms of content, the Open Economics Guide focuses primarily on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), for example when it comes to funding conditions. Nevertheless, most of the content is also interesting for an international audience. Wherever possible, the Guide refers to further sources in English, especially in the English-language version.

The contents of the Open Science Guide

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