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Open data myths: What’s the Truth? (+ Handout)

There are many reservations about the opening of research data. To what extent are they true? A new handout sheds light on the eight most common open data myths.

The handout, “Open Data Myths: What’s the Truth?” analyzes a selection of eight widely circulated Open Data caveats. These include misconceptions such as “Others may benefit more from my data than I do” and “Open Data is difficult and time-consuming.” Other myths have centered on the cost of Open Data, interest in one’s own research data, the impact of sharing for research careers, and the fear of losing control. Find out in the handout how these myths and more may be true.

In the Open Economics Guide you can also get an overview of studies that have measured the effects of Open Science practices.

Furthermore, the guide provides background information, practical tips and tools around Open Data topics. For example, information on which data may be published.

Data Stewards: Support for Research Data Management and Open Data
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