What should be Considered When Publishing

It is important that you label your Open Educational Resources (OER) when you publish them to promote their discoverability and to ensure that third parties can deal with the resource properly. This includes a meaningful description with metadata, which includes, for example, licence information (title, author:in, licence, place of origin). Likewise, the format of the resource and didactic information (for instance for which learner group the resource is intended) can be useful. Depending on how and where you publish your OER, you will find different ways to enter metadata. To achieve better re-use of your resource, you should provide as much information about it as accurately as possible, choosing standardised metadata where possible.

Make sure that you do not infringe any copyrights when creating OER. If possible, use open formats and open licences to facilitate re-use. You can find out how to license your OER in the entry “Publish OER Under an Appropriate Licence“.