Open Educational Resources in Business Studies and Economics

Open Educational Resources (OER) are gradually spreading in economics. Above all, open textbooks that originated in the USA are worth mentioning here. They, but also a variety of other open educational materials, can be found in various repositories for OER. Much more often than genuine OER, there are open educational materials that may be re-used but, due to their licensing, may not be redistributed after revision. Open Access to re-usable teaching materials also facilitates teaching and thus represents added value. If you want to create or revise and redistribute OER yourself, you should look into the respective licensing of re-used and self-created materials.

Here are some examples that give an insight into the diversity of Open Educational Resources in Business Studies and Economics:

  • Textbook: Introduction to Econometrics with R is an OER project of the University of Essen with open-review procedures and created with Bookdown and Gitbook.
  • Case studies: Open Case Studies of the University of British Columbia with a focus around sustainability issues. You can research further textbooks and case studies at EconBiz, for example.
  • Lectures: Open Yale Courses Economics: Open Yale – Economics
  • Simulations: Econ Simulations contains simulations licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.
  • Tutorials & Quizzes: The Catalogue of H5P bye eCampus Ontario contains downloadable interactive tutorials, quizzes, timelines and simulations on business and management, among other topics.
  • Interactive learning elements: The “Starting Point: Teaching Economics” project offers “Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Economics

Economics networks, such as CORE Econ – Economics for a changing world and The Economics Network, contribute to the creation and collection of Open Educational Resources.

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