Open Economics Guide starts a blog: News, tips and tools for your success with Open Science

The Open Economics Guide now includes its own blog with practice-based news, tool descriptions and step-for-step instructions! You will therefore experience Open Science in economics and business studies up close, and be able to reuse it more successfully.

As from today, the guide will be supported by its own blog! The start of the blog provides yet another opportunity for economics and business studies researchers to get into Open Science. The articles will concentrate on the following topics: discussing current developments in the field of Open Science, introducing new tools and services as well as demonstrating how they function, practical worksheets for learning about specific Open Science topics and plenty of practical tips and best practices!

New formats

The blog thereby supplements the already existing content of the Open Economics Guide, such as the thematic “getting started” quick guides, the knowledge bases and tool overview of further formats. In this way, the ZBW is providing a platform that not only makes Open Science in economics tangible, but also offers concrete support for transferring it into your own research practice at the same time. 

The contents of the Open Science Guide.

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Accelerating Open Science Transformation: How you Yourself can Open Science
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